About Us

About Us

Difficult Roads & Skilful Driving will Lead You to Beautiful Destinations.

Our School is here to save you thousands of dollars and make you confident with valuable driving experience.

ABC Driving School, Darwin has a professional team of instructors, having more than 21 years of expertise in the field. We teach safe driving skills to help the learner drivers get an assured Northern Territory Class P license. Learning to Drive in our modern dual controlled cars will make you a secure & competent driver. Our well serviced and clean vehicles will make your learning experience more steady and effortless.

Our Vehicle

Be it manual or automatic, all our vehicles are comfortable, up to the mark and tidy to create a favorable learning environment. Choose freely the car of your choice and learn efficient driving with our trained professionals.


About Our Instructors

ABC Driving School Darwin strives to get you driving confidently and carefully as quickly as possible.

Our instructors are:

  • Fully qualified and MVR accredited
  • Well presented, Friendly, Patient and Knowledgeable

ABC Driving School will not only help people taking up the course but everyone else on the road. While it does take some time and cost a little amount, in the end it will be more than worth it. You are more likely to save money, reduce stress, & be a pro in driving.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.





01. Experience

We strive to give you an unforgettable learning experience that you will fall in love with driving. Every day we prepare you to face every new situation on the road cautiously. At ABC Driving school, even adults with license can also benefit greatly from Professional Driving Education.

02. Professionalism

There are a lot of driving lessons in books and videos, but getting behind the wheel and actually driving makes all the difference. We not only make you aware about the laws of your state but also believe in Teaching you about the etiquettes of driving.

03. Guarantee

Pass your driving test like a boss and be a skilful being of this art. ABC School provides you with certified instructors to prepare you for an efficient driving and reduce the chance of getting tickets or getting involved in an accident.

04. Quality

While driving, you may be facing certain situations that can make you uncomfortable. Whether it’s parallel parking, merging or something else, our instructor can help you master those specific skills.