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8AM - 7PM


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9AM - 5PM

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Single Car Driving (Manual)

$80 (60 Min)

Single Car Driving(Automatic)

$75 (60 Min)

LR, MR, HR Driving

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ABC Driving school Darwin instructors now provide training and assessment for LR, MR & HR.


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Beginner's Driving Course

It mainly pertains to the explanation of controls of a vehicle and correct sitting postures or deportment at the wheel.

Refresher Driving Course

This course is specifically designed for those who want to learn driving a new vehicle. It could also be to brush up your driving skills or get over the fear of driving on busy roads.

Class C Driver License Testing

Sometimes C class license can be a hard nut to crack. You need to have the right amount of knowledge with expert guidance to get it in the first chance.

Nervous Learner Driving

Past experience or a natural fear of driving is quite common these days. It’s alright to feel nervous about driving. Our patient and competent instructors help you overcome anxiety and be a safe driver on the road. We assure to boost your confidence after providing you the right kind of training.